"See what kind of love the Father has given to us,
that we should be called children of God; and so we are."

Born to a young couple unaware of what life had in store for them.

Parental rights surrendered and placed in foster care awaiting a sibling’s birth.

A search for a family who would take her and her newborn brother began.

Finally, on February 13, 1953, the day arrived when the door to the foster care home was closed behind her for the last time. That was the day she said goodbye to her brother, now 7 months old.

Let's back up and begin again ...


Born a coal miner's daughter ... and, no, not Loretta Lynn although their beginnings may have been quite similar. The teenaged mother was in love with a man who was married to someone else. But, don't think for a minute that this child was a mistake ... God had a plan for little Mary Louise Dugger-Stockwell born in a small apartment above the General Store in a coal mining town deep in a mountain holler in West Virginia.

On February 13, 1953, John and Mildred Bosch became proud parents of a 21-month old feisty little girl; the adoption became final a year later, legally changing her name to Janet Lynn Bosch, forever (or seemingly so) erasing from history any and all ties to her biological family. No longer a coal miner's daughter. No longer an orphan. No longer pitied. Adopted by loving parents who raised her to love and honor God through this journey called life.

This site contains a storehouse of stories and testimonies, both fiction and non-fiction, revealing the heart of the Adoption Soul which includes miracles and heartaches and victories and failures experienced through life as an adoptee and eventually as an adoptive parent. But, through it all, God has remained faithful and greatly to be praised for His boundless love and amazing grace.


He’s Amazing!

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