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Jan Ross has refreshing and encouraging words of wisdom to share with your group or congregation. Using the Word of God as the plumb line for her life and ministry, she shares spiritual truths that are fresh and pertinent and audience-appropriate. Her unique and distinctive insight derived from personal study and life experiences has touched and challenged hearts of men, women and children around the globe.

Having experienced God’s divine intervention in several difficult and seemingly hopeless circumstances of life, Jan has emerged victorious with her faith securely anchored in Jesus Christ. Reaching across denominational and cultural barriers, she embraces every opportunity to be an ambassador of God’s Kingdom to this world. Jan’s passionate approach to ministry without compromising the integrity of God’s Word allows her to remain transparent as she shares the good, the bad and the ugly of her life experiences including personal involvement with the multiple aspects of adoption. Her hope is that her audiences will grow in their understanding that our extraordinary God works in and through ordinary people, just like Jan.

Conference and Retreat Speaker

Along with having served as President of Heart of God International Ministries for more than a decade, Jan devotes much of her time to writing and teaching. She is a compelling speaker who ministers at retreats and conferences for women; she stirs the hearts of men, women and children for the Great Commission in mission services and conferences. In addition, Jan’s very personal involvement in many aspects of the adoption experience gives her a heart of wisdom and compassion toward both prospective and struggling adoptive parents.


As a well-known author of devotionals, teaching materials and commentaries on current events, Jan has also written hundreds of articles and is a contributing author published in several anthologies and Christian media. As co-author of Women of Passions, an anthology strategically compiled to give a voice to ordinary women serving an extraordinary God, Jan provided after-thoughts for each contributing author’s true testimony.

Jan’s newest project is the publication of a collection of her daily devotionals. The first edition has been published and is now available for distribution. Seasons of Refreshing: Winter contains devotional material for each day of Winter including bonus material written by Jan throughout her years as an author. You will be blessed, challenged and inspired by this series. The next edition will cover the Spring season and will be available in early 2017.

Jan makes her home in small-town Ohio, where she lives with her husband of 45 years. Together they have six adult children and thirteen grandchildren. You will be blessed, challenged and encouraged as you experience the unique ministry that radiates from this servant’s heart for God.

Ministry Endorsements

I’ve known Jan Ross for most of my life now, and of all the things I could say about Jan, she is—first and foremost — a lover of God. I know this firsthand. Over the years as I have matured and become a Christian leader myself, I’ve come to appreciate Jan’s Christ-like kindness and fierce loyalty even more. Years ago, God did a special work in Jan’s heart. He impressed upon her His passion for the lost of the world and Jan has developed an undying zeal and a deep compassion for those who have not yet met their Heavenly Father. She’s walked countless miles on dirt paths to reach villages just for the opportunity to share God’s love with those there. She’s held child after child in her arms to show them what the love of God feels like. She’s encouraged pastors, prayed for battered women and played with orphans in such diverse places as Haiti, Uganda, India and Israel. She doesn’t just talk about missions, she lives it!

Jonathan Daugherty

I’ve known Janet Ross for about ten years; I worked with her for some five years. During that time, I found that she is a very good preacher who preaches in Spirit and Truth. Besides that, she is a situational speaker to bring many hearts to the real truth of the Word of God. She gave many sermons in many villages, churches and in pastor’s conferences and also in the public meetings. She preached to the unsaved as well as to the saved. We found a great anointing of preaching in her. When she was preaching, I saw many people keep on crying till completion of her sermon because her sermons were touching the deeper parts of the hearts of the people to convince their sin. Many people got saved of her preaching. She takes very simple examples so that every one could understand the Word of God and to go deeper.

Pastor T. Prabhakar Rao, Rajahmundry, AP India

I’ve known Jan Ross for nearly two decades, and have also had the joy of serving closely alongside her for a number of years. So I have seen the genuine caring and tenderness with which she gives of herself to bring the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ to others.
Jan is a gifted speaker who loves the Lord and has a heart to serve Him and minister His love and encouragement to those in need. Through the Word of God, she reaches out to those needing the Light of God to shine the way to take hold of His hand again so that He may lift them up, and through His 2 Cor. 12:9-10 strength, they may know joy and find healing for their wounds and relief in their suffering.

Pastor Mellie, Living Waters Ministry

I had the privilege of attending several women’s Bible studies under Jan Ross for three years. Her knowledge and wisdom of God’s word came from her steadfast prayer and study of God’s word. Jan’s passion and love for Christ came from her heart and flowed right into each lesson. Jan has a gifted ability, anointed by God, to find the hidden treasures in God’s word. She also has the gifted ability to help equip others to search diligently in God’s word for themselves. I highly recommend Jan Ross for any women’s event, teaching, and speaking engagements. I consider Jan not only a friend but a mentor as I continue to grow in the Lord.

Amy Van Sky

Jan Ross was the speaker at our Cedar Valley Bible Church Christmas Tea, a bi-annual event. “The World Needs Christmas” was our theme, and Jan, with her passion for Jesus and for world missions, brought to the event just what we were hoping for in a speaker. Jan is a gifted writer, speaker, and administrator. At the same time she is humble, down to earth, and approachable. Many of the 200 women who attended our event remarked on how relatable she is. Many also expressed an increased interest in world missions as a result of her message. I encourage you to consider inviting her to speak at your conference, retreat, or a gathering of any kind.

Shari Guthrie, For the Nations Refugee Outreach

It is with great pleasure I present this endorsement. Jan Ross is a very dear friend of my wife and I. She has provided the devotionals for my website for many years. Jan is truly an outstanding lady of God. She has a heart and passion for God’s Word and serving people. Her dedication to Heart of God International Ministries’ mission outreaches and has been a blessing around the world. I personally have been involved with her work, supporting orphans and their orphanage in India. Please consider Jan Ross to come and share her God-led experiences with your church, organization or group.

Curtis Hanvey

I know we have not spent time together as adults but that is my loss, I feel. I am genuinely impressed by your dedication to God and love from your family and your love for them. Who knew that the Janet Bosch I knew back in the day who was quiet and sweet would turn out to be a fierce warrior for God’s people? Like I said before, I sincerely wish I had known you better back then. But to know you now has helped me in so many ways you will never know. You truly have a Heart of God.

Karen Herrmann

I worked under Jan’s leadership for a few years while she was our church’s ladies president; she showed great strength in many areas. She showed kindness, love, tenderness, patience giving, leadership skills and great communication skills. Jan has a great way of presenting a story and breaking it down in such a beautiful way with such meaning and anointing that you are captivated in every word. I have learned so much under her ministry. Jan handles stressful situations with ease and grace. She is very reliable. Whenever I was down and having problems she would pray with me and encourage me; I could always count on her to be a prayer warrior and she definitely has a heart after God’s own heart. Jan is organized, hardworking and diligent in everything she does. She has my highest recommendation.

Becky Campbell

I first met Jan online about twelve years ago through “Women of Passions”. From the moment we met, she has been a continual source of inspiration to me, always there to support and minister to me and so many others in any way she can. I was a young Christian at the time we met and she made everything she taught us so easy to understand as I grew in the Lord. The one thing that really stands out to me about Jan was the day my husband passed away in 2007. I was alone and really did not know who to call or what to do. Jan dropped everything, drove all the way from her home in the United States to my humble abode in Canada and stood by my side. She was just as loving and supportive in person as she was online and made the day go by so much easier. No matter what you are going through, what your needs are, you can always count on Jan to talk to you and try to ease your mind. She is devoted woman of God and would never steer anyone wrong. Jan has just too many amazing points about her to mention them all here.  She is a true woman of God and devotes her time telling others of His love.

Dianne Hough

If you’re looking for a great speaker for your next meeting, consider Jan Ross.  She has the wisdom of Solomon (well, almost), hears from God, has a huge heart of compassion, more experiences than ten other people, a sweet, sweet spirit, and an overflowing abundance of love. I have always held Jan in high esteem and I’m sure you will too, once you meet her and hear her speak.

Marie Garland

I met Jan Ross back in 2010 when she come to the church that I was attending. She organized a mission trip to India, and took a group of women from the church with her. Jan has a heart that is full of love for mission work. She is faithful with her walk in the Lord. Any church would be really blessed by having Jan as a guest speaker at their church.

Linda Bubnikovich
Jan Ross Ministries
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