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For more than two decades, I’ve shared short devotionals with thousands of men, women and youth. It all began in 1998 when I was reading a devotional that seemed to be void of a daily challenge to press closer to the Lord. There was no conviction. No challenge. No reminder of my need to meditate on God’s Word. So, after a few days spent in prayer, I sat down at my computer and, with an open Bible, began to share what God was speaking to me about something I’d just read. The words just flowed. But, when I went back and read it, my heart was moved in a way I’d never before experienced! I felt the need to bow before my Father and seek His face like never before. After some tearful moments, I felt as if the voice of the Spirit was speaking to me: “What I pour into you, pour into others.”

Transparency is the key. As God deals with my own heart, I share with my readers. Sometimes the devotions may seem repetitive, but sometimes God continues to deal with us in areas that may be troublesome for us and I feel quite certain I’m not alone.

My rather unique “lay it on the line” approach has inspired folks of all ages across the globe. Pastors have used my work as the basis for sermons. Churches have shared them in weekly bulletins. Dedicated readers have time and time again testified that the Devotions have been a mainstay of their daily meditations for years. And, now, they’re being published for those who prefer to have a printed copy to keep closeby for reference or further study. You can purchase your copy of Seasons of Refreshing here.

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Please feel free to share these Devotions as long as copyright information and links remain attached. However, if you wish to copy my devotional material for inclusion on a website, newsletter, or for any other reason, please contact me here. While I don’t charge for use, I maintain the right to know where they are being used and occasionally request feedback. Thank you for your consideration of this simple request. Email me directly at with any questions you may have.


Your feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.  If you find that a particular devotion speaks to you in a specific way, gives you encouragement or insight into something you’re dealing with, please leave a comment. As always, thank you for your encouragement!

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