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Either he really loves his Nana or he’s got a head start on smooth-talking women! I prefer to believe the former. After all, he’s only four years old!
He Stole My Heart
Photo by Anna Kolosyuk / Unsplash

Amazingly Perfect

The last thing I ever expected when I traveled to TN to be with my daughter as she gave birth to our youngest grandson was to have my heart so completely stolen!  That’s right!  He stole my heart!

There’s a whole story about this little guy you have got to read.  In an “unassisted” birth at home with Mommy and Nana, this little (ahem!) guy made his entrance into the world a whopping 13 lbs. 2 oz.  That’s not a typo!  This little guy was born without any medication, at home, unassisted, and amazingly perfect!  Feel free to contact me if you’re tempted to think I’ve lost my mind … I promise you, this is no fairy tale!


Well, from the very first breath Ethan took, there has been a special bond between us.  Although I live more than 500 miles away from him, I get the feeling this bond is not a one-way street.  In fact, he proved that to me this week in a way that captured my heart once again.  Either he really loves his Nana or he’s got a head start on smooth-talking women!  I prefer to believe the former.  After all, he’s only four years old!

While Mommy spends her days working on professional web design and photography, Ethan is accustomed to seeing pictures and images on the computer.  He will often sit next to Mommy while she works, taking it all in.  I suspect he’ll be designing websites by the time he’s six! Well, here’s what happened that simply melted my heart … again!

In the midst of my busy day I received an email stating there was a message from Ethan’s Mommy on Facebook.  So, I clicked over to Facebook and refreshed the page only to find this post:


Do you see what I mean?  Wouldn’t that steal your heart, too?  I mean, really!  From a four-year old who is blatantly honest, mischievously energetic, boisterously outspoken, and borderline hyper … he stole my heart!

You know, I love being a grandma!  I don’t always get the chance to spoil all my grandchildren since our family is rather spread out, but this Nana’s heart is full of gushy, mushy love for her not-so-secret admirer.  Yep!  He stole my heart!