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Good Friday meditation about hyssop (Hyssopos) and his mission which communicates the plan of God and His precious gift of Eternal Life.
Hussopos' Mission
Photo by Robert Bottman / Unsplash

A Good Friday Meditation

It is written there is “a time for every purpose under heaven.” For some, their time may be but a fleeting moment in all of eternity, but for Hussopos life and purpose evade the boundaries of time allotted to man.

Springing forth with life, he was fashioned to touch man’s needs in a most unique way. From his first appearance in the Garden of earth’s origin, Hussopos’ task was to grow strong for a purpose none other could fulfill.

Seasons of life faded like flowers of the field which flourished and were soon gone. However, Hussopos’ seed never failed, as if carefully guarded by cherubim reminiscent of those standing with flaming, flashing swords vigilantly guarding the gates of Eden.

Hussopos grew strong; his beauty surpassed that which natural eyes could behold, standing out against the common. Nothing ordinary could fulfill his purpose. With handsome strength and fragrant splendor he was set apart, destined and anointed to fulfill a purpose divine.

* * *

Arising from the depth of Egypt’s suffering, the voice of One Who called him forth from dry ground at the beginning of time spoke.

“Gather My servant Hussopos. He shall bear My symbol of freedom.”

Hussopos drank deeply of the lamb’s sacrificial blood and brushed across the wooden doorposts led by chosen hands. Mesmerized by the wood wet with blood, the hushed promises of deliverance stirred deep within him became merely a shadow of things to come. Humbly giving himself to the task set before him, Hussopos built an altar of remembrance in his heart. Although his mission has been memorialized by divine ordinance to all generations since that day, he knew his work was not yet complete.

* * *

Hussopos was not a medical doctor but his healing virtue was instrumental in purifying lepers. He was often associated with ceremonial cleansings. Wise King Solomon hailed Hussopos’ beauty and worth as his fragrance and loveliness stirred the senses.

All of Jerusalem resounded with a perpetual reminder of his work in ages past while offering a glimpse of a task yet undone.

* * *

“Crucify Him!”

Out of the midst of the unruly crowd, the echoes of angry men, cursing and demanding blood from the Innocent Lamb, reverberated throughout the City.

Excited with destiny pulsing through his veins, Hussopos knew his time had arrived. His entire existence pointed to this day … a day like no other.

Hussopos watched with unbelief as they led His bloody battered form outside the gate.

How could men be so cruel?

Deep contemplation of what he witnessed was quickly interrupted. Powerful hands ripped him away from the security of the walls to which he clung. Angry fists clutched him and carried him off, heading toward Golgotha.

He gasped as he saw the Messiah he’d heard teach, the Healer who’d opened blind eyes … He was hanging from a cruel tree, hoisted between heaven and earth. An intermediary whose blood became a cleansing stream for all generations past, present and future.

Suddenly, the reflection of years past. The blood-stained beam, once a doorpost…now a cross. Redemption. Freedom. The Sacrifice Lamb had been slain.

Hussopos remembered the Psalmist’s melodious prayer, “Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean.”

His contemplation abruptly interrupted.

What is that? Have I been anointed with vinegar? WATER! Dip me in water and I’ll quench His thirst! Or, dip me in blood and I’ll set Him free!

As Hussopos was lifted up, He looked deep in the eyes of Love as he touched Savior’s lips. His sweet-smelling fragrance might have offered a moment of refreshing if it hadn’t been for the pungent smell of vinegar.

Ever so gently, Hussopos caressed the lips of One whose blood soaked the crude wooden cross. What an honor bestowed on this chosen one! He’d felt one of the last breaths of life pulsing from the ravaged form of the Spotless Lamb.

Drops of precious blood mingled with his moistened blooms as he was lowered away from the Beloved Sacrifice and carelessly discarded.

"It is finished!”

The Lamb’s words became his own as the precious blood continued to flow. There he lay at the foot of the cross … Hussopos knew his mission was complete.

* * *

Springing forth with life, he was fashioned to touch man’s needs in a most unique way. From his first appearance in the garden of earth’s origin, Hussopos grew strong for a purpose none other could fulfill.

To the Christian, Hussopos was the last to touch our Living Savior … to the Greeks he was merely hyssop.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV)
Psalm 51:7 (KJV)