Seasons of Refreshing Summer Devotional

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Finally, Spring gave way to Summer though it seemed like it would never arrive. The garden has been planted with new growth observed every morning as the new day dawns. The Spring flowers are about gone and the Summer blooms are bursting into brilliant colors. The mid-day sun is hot and, at times, brings with it thunderous storms which often leave cluttered branches and limbs that surrendered to the gusty winds. Kids are enjoying their summer vacation; the pools are alive with splashes of activity while the adults bask in the sun. Ponds lined with fishermen of all ages, hoping for the big catch. Hummingbirds gracefully winging their flight to and fro dipping their long beaks in the feeder—such a beautiful sight. Thankfulness abounds for air conditioning, fans and cold iced tea.

As we journey together through the long and often hot days of Summer, it is my prayer that your life is enriched, that you are blessed, and you find fulfillment in God’s Word. However, it is also my prayer that you are challenged to draw closer to God and to gain a clearer vision of your purpose fulfilling your unique destiny as you daily surrender yourself to Him.

It is easy to see how the Master Creator uses Summer to remind us of revival, rebirth and restoration. It is these virtues we celebrate in Seasons of Refreshing – Summer.

Author: Jan Ross

47 in stock

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“Nearly two decades ago I began writing devotions and sharing them with friends. It wasn’t long until daily readership was in the thousands—and readers bemoaned one missed. Seasons of Refreshing is a compilation of the very best of those daily devotions. While each season is unique, so is each season of life with which God has blessed us. Seasons are a gift from God through which we see His handiwork and His life-sustaining power at work around us and within us.

It is my prayer you come to gain a greater appreciation for the seasons and their parallels to life in the day of ordinary people seeking to know our extraordinary God. May the unique purpose of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall offer precious and fulfilling Seasons of Refreshing while savoring a few worshipful moments in the presence of our Lord.” -Jan Ross, Author


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