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God's desire is to be acknowledged by us every moment of every day.  And, He longs for us to have that same passionate desire to be with Him.  He doesn't want (or deserve) temporary visitation rights.
Temporary Visitation Rights
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The Lord Be Magnified

In today’s society the term “Temporary Visitation Rights” is, unfortunately, all too common.  We’ve seen it in our family as the pain of divorce takes its toll on all involved.  Sometimes I think this very same outlook lends to our Western lifestyle … a quick fix, a short attention span, a feeling of having done our duty and we’re on our way. We live by the clock and in so doing we often miss out on the richness of fellowship, relationship and experience.

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.  (Psalm 27:14)

After they had gotten the tabernacle built and the ark situated, the Levites assumed their work was done and began to walk off.  David immediately stopped them, telling them that their work had only just begun.  You can hear the Levites complaining to David ... "But, David!  We just walked miles with the ark on

our shoulders; we've prepared and sacrificed thousands of animals to the Lord.  Aren't we done yet?  And besides, there's no veil or Holy of Holies!"

David told them, "No. I didn't restore the Levitical office only to have the ark abandoned here like it was abandoned in Shiloh. Put your ephods back on.  Get out your psalteries and harps again.  Some of you can go eat lunch, but the rest of you are staying right here!"  The Levites, stunned at his command responded, "Well, who are we staying here for, King David?  Do you want to listen to us play again?  You hear us play all the time!  We're tired and we've done enough!"

David turned to them with a passion not understood, "No, no, you're not playing for me - it's for God, an audience of One.  He wants us to worship Him continually!  There will never be a time when we've done it enough!"

David appointed psalmists to tend to the ark day and night with musical praise, worship, and celebration.

It's not uncommon to become so accustomed to worship ... we feel His presence, acknowledge it with a few tears and words of praise, and we simply say, "Gotta go!" and we're on our way!  Too often we want just enough of God to make us feel good or to feel the tingles or chill bumps run up our spine. But He is asking, "Will you stay ... will you spend time with me?"

Worship ... an audience of One.  It's not about us, our time schedules, our distractions, our energy level.  It's not even about whether we worship Him 5 minutes or 5 hours without ceasing.

God's desire is to be acknowledged by us every moment of every day.  And, He longs for us to have that same passionate desire to be with Him.  He doesn't want (or deserve) temporary visitation rights.  It is our loving response to a most loving God to pursue the same passion for worship that David had and not settle for less.

"Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: let such as love thy salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified."  (Psalm 40:16)

Father, please forgive me for being in a hurry, for not taking the time to linger in Your presence, and for not always seeking Your face with a passionate desire. Teach me, O Lord, to live a lifestyle of worship that Your name may be magnified through me.