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While to others we may appear to be wise, gentle, kind, courteous, and loving, there are worms living under the green sod hidden from plain view
Worms Hide Themselves
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Under the Greenest Sods Worms Hide Themselves

“Under the greenest sods worms hide themselves;
we need not look long to discover them.” (Spurgeon)

Today’s topic is one of those which can go in any number of directions. However, we will try to keep our focus on those hidden worms, those ill motives that pollute holiness.

You’ve heard it said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and it’s true! Sometimes a book with an inviting cover will contain stories of a vile and unholy nature when, on the other hand, a book with a plain and univiting cover may contain the richness of Truth and testimony of faithfulness which encourage and challenge the reader to deeper relationship with the Lord.

The same is true with each of us. While to others we may appear to be wise, gentle, kind, courteous, and loving, there are worms living under the green sod hidden from plain view. Not even the most mature believer is totally void of ill motives or wrongdoing of some sort (or worms, if you will). Though most likely not readily visible to others, by the very nature of man, the worms exist. They exist as a continual reminder of our desperate need of a Redeemer … our Great High Priest.

Exodus 28:38 contains a phrase that should stop each of us for more than a moment as we read God’s instructions concerning the clothing of the priests, more specifically, the plate of pure gold in which the words “Holiness to the Lord” are engraved. Scripture says,

It will be on Aaron’s forehead, and Aaron will be the iniquity of the holy things, which the Israelites are to sanctify by all their holy gifts; it will always be on his forehead, for their acceptance before the LORD.

Consider with me the phrase, “the iniquity of the holy things”.

Aaron went in before the Lord bearing a reminder of the iniquities of the people of Israel. His purpose was to present the sins before God seeking atonement on behalf of God’s people Israel, a shadow of things to come when the Lamb of God bore our sins, took them to the cross with Him, making final atonement for all who trust Him for salvation. To this day, Jesus doesn’t present our unholiness to God the way Aaron did in the tabernacle; rather, our Great High Priest presents His own holiness to the Father’s face.

I thank God for our Great High Priest who presents Himself as “Holiness to the Lord”. He, Himself, is Holiness standing in our stead before the Lord as an Advocate in defense of His very own. Even those worms that have been hidden so secretly under the greenest sod were nailed to the cross and covered by the pure blood of Christ Jesus’ atoning sacrifice.

We should do our part in unearthing those worms, exposing and confessing them to our Advocate. But just know if you get a glimpse of hidden worms in others, chances are you have as many (if not more) hiding under your own green sod as well. Let this be a lesson for us all to pray for those who may be blinded to their own worms while praying for the Holy Spirit to help us deal with our failures, shortcomings and ill motives.

O for grace to view our great High Priest as our Advocate — as Holiness to the Lord in our stead!

NOTE: Based on C. H. Spurgeon’s Daily Readings: Morning and Evening for January 8