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A Generous Man

May all who have eyes see God's glorious plan!
A Generous Man
Photo by Mathieu Bigard / Unsplash

The harvest is ripe and the crops are in,
Winter wheat is sown in the field.
The distant fall sun offers little warmth
Though it glistens in morning's frost.

The fall of the year is a time to reap
What was sown in the fertile ground.
The wisest of men will be doubly blessed,
Not failing to reap souls of men.

The word must go out into all the earth
For the time of reaping is near,
Inviting the hungry, oppressed, and poor,
To a banquet fit for a king.

The table is set for all who would come
From the east, and west, north and south.
The harvest is ready, the fields are ripe,
The winnowing hook's now in hand.

May all who have eyes see God's glorious plan;
May all who have ears hear His Word:
"A generous man will himself be blessed,
For he shares his food with the poor"

* Proverbs 22:9 (NIV)