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Staring at the return address, Janet carefully inspected the name and handwriting now linking her present with an ambiguous past. Tracing each letter on the envelope with her finger, her thoughts drowned in a pool of wonderment.
Fists Full of Wild Daisies
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Reunited After Forty Long Years


“Hello, I am trying to reach June Nash. Would you happen to know her or where I could locate her?”

“I’m June Nash. May I ask what this is about?”

“Sure! This is Edna Farley from ALMA, the adoption reunion organization you recently contacted. It’s possible I have some good news for you.”

“What? You mean you found my baby?”

“Well, June, let me ask you a few questions before we confirm a match. What was your name when your child was born?

“June Rose Dugger”

Where was she born?”

“Terra Alta, West Virgina.”

“And the birthdate?”

“May 5th, 1951. She was so beautiful…a really good baby.”

“Do you remember the name on her birth certificate?”

“How could I forget? MaryLou Stockwell. Her father’s name was Samuel Everett Stockwell. We were planning to get married but…anyway, we wanted her to have his name.”

“Well, June, it appears your information matches your daughter’s registration submitted nearly twenty years ago.”

“Oh my, I can’t believe it! I’ve read about things like this before but I never thought it could happen to me.” June’s joyful tears were hard to hide over the phone. “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologize; your tears are perfectly understandable. Would you like me to call you back after you’ve had a chance to let this all sink in?”

“No, don’t you dare hang up. Give me the information—I want to hear about my baby girl. Is she married? Where does she live? Oh, my MaryLou! I can’t believe it!”

“Okay, let me give you some information. I suggest you write a letter and allow her to contact you when she’s ready. By the way, her name is Janet Lynn.”

June sat down to write a letter without delay; she mailed it that same afternoon.

The gentle winds rippled across the field of wild daisies reminiscent of Janet’s childhood on the farm.

“Hey, how was your day?” Ron usually arrived home about an hour before his wife.

“Not bad…where’s the kids?

“Out in the barn with the puppies as usual. You’ve got some mail—there’s a letter from your mom on the dresser.”

“Mom? What’s with that? I talk to her every Sunday.”

“No, it’s from your MOTHER!”

“Wait, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Janet’s heart began to race. Her knees weakened; she began to tremble. Not wanting her to go through this alone, Ron wrapped his arm around her as they headed toward the bedroom.

Staring at the return address, Janet carefully inspected the name and handwriting now linking her present with an ambiguous past. Tracing each letter on the envelope with her finger, her thoughts drowned in a pool of wonderment.

“Well, are you going to open it?”

“Hold on, don’t rush—I’m nervous. I mean, what if…how do I…why did she…what will she…do I really want to know?”

“You won’t know till you open it.” Gently wiping a tear from her cheek, Ron reassured his wife. “We’re in this together.”

Janet tenderly unfolded the ruled writing paper and began to read, taking in every word:

Dear Janet,

I just received a phone call from ALMA and they told me you registered with them hoping to find me. I am so excited I hardly know what to say.

I just want you to know that never a day has passed that I have not thought of you and wondered how in the world I could ever find you.

There are so many things I want to say to you and so many things I want to tell you. But honey I don’t know how to put it all in a letter and I want to get this in the mail as soon as possible.

All I want to say is, as God is my witness, I love you as much today as I did the day you were born and they laid you in my arms. Please, honey, if there are any bad feelings in your heart toward me, please don’t let that keep you from getting in touch with me. My name is June Nash; my number is on the enclosed card. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can.

Love always,
Your mother

Although overwhelmed with every possible emotion, Janet was ready to take the next step. Turning toward the phone, the two most precious little girls walked into the bedroom with fists full of wild daisies.

“Here mommy, surprise!”


This is a true account of my reunion with my biological mother after nearly 40 years of separation; the letter is an exact copy of the original. For over 35 years, the ALMA Society has been bringing families together. ALMA is the oldest and most successful adoption reunion registry. Learn more about ALMA and read testimonials of successful reunions at www.almasociety.org.

Originally submitted to the Weekly Writing Challenge at Faithwriters.com