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Grandpa's Prize

A grandson’s love made life worthwhile … An innocent’s embrace.
Grandpa's Prize

“Oh, Grandpa Bennie, take me please,
I promise to be good!
I’ll even bait the hooks for you
And do just as I should!”

The old man looked down at the child
Big tears welled in his eyes,
“I’d love to take you with me but
We must say our goodbyes.”

“But, Grandpa Bennie, I’ll help you!
I’ll even row the boat!”
“Now hush, my little fisherman…”
A lump caught in his throat.

Old Grandpa Bennie kissed the lad
And hugged him oh, so tight;
Then turned and headed out the door,
And drove off out of sight.

While on the way to meet his friends
He felt so bad to break
The heart of one who loved him so
To meet friends at the lake.

A single tear rolled down his cheek
As Bennie reminisced
The days of his own childhood marked
With pain from things he missed.

A vivid mem’ry of when Pa
Woke him with a surprise …
“Today we’re going fishing, son!
This day’s for just us guys!”

The echoes of his Mama’s cries
When Pa went off to war.
Life changed the day they got the news
He’d see his Pa no more.

Then suddenly he stopped the car…
Old Bennie could not wait;
He turned and headed toward the house
And stopped to buy some bait.

He saw a special fishing pole
Made just for little guys.
Along with that he found a cap
That read “I’m Grandpa’s Prize”

As Bennie drove back to the house
He prayed, “Lord, give me time
To build more precious memories
Before my life resign.”

As Bennie turned up toward the house
His heart began to race;
A grandson’s love made life worthwhile …
An innocent’s embrace.

That day the two, while hand in hand,
Set out to catch some fish.
But Grandpa Bennie’s loving gift
Fulfilled his grandson’s wish.

“Here, Grandpa Bennie, it’s for you …
I baited it … here, look!”
“Now, that’s my little fisherman…
Let’s watch them bite that hook!”

The day of fishing quickly passed
“I’m ready to eat fish!
We’ll clean them up and take them home…
They’ll make a tasty dish!”

Back home that night his Grandpa asked
While eating fish and fries,
“What was the best part of your day?”
“Just being Grandpa’s Prize!”