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Listen closely, hear my heart The work’s not just for few If you ask you’ll find that there Is something you can do.
Listen Closely, Hear My Heart

I'm Willing, Lord, Use Me

Listen closely, hear my heart
I’ve seen it with my eyes
Kenya’s people, old and young
All logic it defies

Finding words is difficult
With tears I share their plight
Hopeless, poor, and destitute
Lord, help me while I write

Starving children, dying kids
With parents weak and lame
Graves encircle villages
Yet no one takes the blame

We found doctors who agreed
To volunteer their skills
Charging us for just the cost
Of medicines and pills

Dates were set and advertised
By word of mouth to all
People came from all around
By bus, on foot—some crawled

Not a few had oozing sores
Some food could not digest
Little babies listlessly
Lay on their mother’s breast

Children’s swollen bellies and
Their thin limbs, oh so frail
Left alone, no one to care
No strength to even wail

One by one in single file
The nurses checked them all
“Fevers here! This tent, the lame!
With running sores, the hall!”

“Moms with children line up here
And those with child go there!”
Workers holding back their tears
Provided loving care

Tirelessly physicians sat
In rooms lined up with chairs
One by one with skillful hands
Examined each with care

Soothing children’s fearful hearts
And drying mother’s tears
Wrapping wounds with bandages
And checking babies’ ears

Doctors, nurses, volunteers
Along with fervent prayer
Touched the lives of all who came
They more than did their share

Still remains a task undone
To show Christ’s love unbound
Sadness grips the Kenyans’ hearts
While hopelessness resounds

Sickness and disease wide spread
Demand from us response
Instead too many who can help
React with nonchalance

Listen closely, hear my heart
The work’s not just for few
If you ask you’ll find that there
Is something you can do

Stop right now and pray for them…
“Oh Lord, I make this plea
Doctors, nurses, medicines
Are needed desperately”

“Give physicians courage, Lord
To show their servant’s heart
Reaching out to heal the sick
Through them Your love impart”

“And through me a difference make
Please show me Your desire
Money, time, or prayer, dear Lord,
There’ll be no honor higher”

Listen to the heart of God
And heed the Spirit’s plea
Kenya needs to hear you say
“I’m willing, Lord, use me!”

Originally submitted to Faithwriters in competition