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Are those who profess to be Christians based on an “I-need-to-get-to-heaven-when-I-die” motive deceived and have we failed Jesus' mandate?
Making Disciples
Photo by Timon Studler / Unsplash

It's a Mandate!

Our confession of faith is so much more than a free ticket to heaven. Those who profess to be Christians based on an “I-need-to-get-to-heaven-when-I-die” motive are deceived and have not met the Living God; they have missed the purpose of God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. They have not been made disciples of Christ which is Jesus' mandate to every believer!

God’s plan of salvation does not serve as a “fire extinguisher” as many have mocked. Repeating a “sinner’s prayer” can be a great beginning to a decision to loyally follow Christ but only if that individual has encountered the supernatural love of God with a repentant heart and is then nurtured and discipled into a committed walk with God.

Those who are mature believers cannot dismiss the clarion call to disciple new believers. It is not only our duty, but it is a divinely-purposed privilege every believer grounded in Christ shares.

The world today is full of folks who claim to be Christian but who have no faith roots growing deep and producing mature fruit (see Matthew 13). We can’t blame these people for a superficial confession if we’re not doing our part to lead them as Jesus led His disciples — nurturing, teaching, admonishing, imparting wisdom and making true disciples. This is the very thought Jesus left with His followers as His last words before leaving this earth! He commissioned His followers/disciples to MAKE DISCIPLES! (Mark 16:15-18)

If we know people who claim to be Christian but have not yet been made disciples, it is incumbent upon those of us who have heard and responded to the call to get busy! We don’t have to go far to find those who claim the name of Christian but who have not yet joined the family of believers who are becoming loyal followers and disciples of Christ. Let's take Jesus' commission -- the mandate to every believer to make disciples -- more seriously!