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The Spirit of God gently spoke to me words I’ll never forget: “This is what I’ve called you to — the nations: every nation, tribe and tongue.”
Great Commission
Photo by Lydia Matzal / Unsplash

Driven by the Great Commission

As a child, I was in awe of my cousin who served as a missionary to the Navajo Indians. How she could live among them, serve them, love them, teach them, and be the hands and feet of Jesus in their midst was something I admired. She was family and I loved her. But, that was her life style choice, not mine. I never saw myself packing up my things, getting on a plane and flying for an ungodly number of hours to serve others I didn’t know and whose language I didn’t share. Not me!

But that servant-heart of mine accepted an offer to go to Kenya … AFRICA!!! And, it was on that first actual mission outreach that God challenged me like I’d never been challenged before. I felt almost like God had cornered me and forced me to see a part of me I never acknowledge existed, a part of me I didn’t like. At the moment this happened, I literally gazed into a mirror and despised the person I’d become when so many where in such need.

But, that wasn’t enough. Still, with a hole in my heart, I boarded a bus in Eldoret, Kenya, that life-altering day and ended up in the company of young men and women from many nations, all worshiping God in their own native tongue while I stood in awe. The Spirit of God gently spoke to me words I’ll never forget: “This is what I’ve called you to — the nations: every nation, tribe and tongue.”

Tears flowed freely as I wrestled with this new calling as a missionary. How could a wife, a mother of six, and grandmother, a church leader, suddenly change course and accept the call to the nations? I didn’t understand why or how God could call me? The question continued to bombard my heart: “Why me and how can it be?”

The rest of that first mission trip was so much better now that I understood the purpose for me being there. Within a few years, an international outreach ultimately called “Heart of God International Ministries” was born to serve men, women and children throughout the world. It was a privilege to serve, but it was never easy. Others soon joined the non-profit to serve in other areas, expanding the reach of a network of ministries responding to the Great Commission.

Things have continued to change and adjustments have had to be made as I’ve aged, but it is still my heart to serve those who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ wherever they are … Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, India, Nepal, Haiti, Israel and, of course, the United States.

That’s my missionary heart and a preview of the adventures that continue to open up to me. Please feel free to reach out to learn more.