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"Mujhe Tumse Dil Se Pyar Hai"

They each humbly chose to honor their parents and their customs by not speaking with words … their eyes did all the talking.
"Mujhe Tumse Dil Se Pyar Hai"

Maesha’s voice … her grace, her beauty, and inner glow captured Karam’s heart. Although he dared not stare, he couldn’t draw his eyes away from her. His heart melted in her presence.

As she sang, he was overwhelmed by her presence. How could a woman of such beauty also love my Lord?

“Mujhe tumse dil se pyar hai …”

Karam somehow knew as he took the microphone to minister that this was a night of destiny. Maesha would one day be his wife.

The crusade was over and she was gone, no where to be found. Perhaps it was by God’s design since Karam was the younger of two brothers and “elder brother” was not yet married. It was customary that the order of marriage follow the order of birth among the males in the Indian family.

All night Karam dreamed about Maesha … the nights after that, again and again, the words of her love song to Jesus echoed in his heart.

An evangelist came to town for a series of crusades in the tribal area. Because Karam was skillful in English, he was asked to be the interpreter.

The first night of the crusade at Namavaram Village, Maesha’s voice could be heard over the speakers throughout the village. Once again, his heart melted, but he dare not approach her. It was forbidden. Elder brother was still unmarried.

Months passed but the echoes of her songs never faded. The radiance of her beauty grew brighter in his mind’s eye as Karam continued to pray.

Father, find for elder brother a wife. Keep Maesha safe until the day we can be married.

Though the months turned into years, the flame of his passion never diminished. Occasionally Maesha and Karam shared the platform at evangelistic crusades. If anyone was watching, they would notice the playful looks they exchanged. Yet they each humbly chose to honor their parents and their customs by not speaking with words … their eyes did all the talking.

Then one day Karam finally confided in his father.

“Kya yeh galat hai?”

Father looked at his son with great compassion. “I have known from the day you first saw Maesha that your heart was knit together with hers. No, my son, it is not wrong. But it is a burden you must bear. If Maesha is God’s choice for you, He will preserve her until you are free to marry.”

Secretly, he hoped for his father to release him from the custom, but it was not to be.

One evening when elder brother was preaching in Mettagudem Village, he saw a young woman who caught his eye. He asked several villagers who she was—no one seemed to know her name. The pastor in Mettagudem Village called him the next day—he found this young woman and her father was pleased to learn his daughter was sought out by this man of God. According to custom, elder brother asked his father to arrange a meeting. The fathers met and a date was set. Elder brother would soon have a wife.

Karam’s father, being the wise man he was, secretly located Maesha’s father and shared the dilemma of his younger son. It was agreed … the two would marry as soon as possible after his elder brother’s wedding.

Karam’s gladness for elder brother was genuine knowing the true joy and happiness he would find with his new wife. As Karam focused on elder brother’s joy, his prayer continued … Soon, Lord, if it be your will, permit Maesha to be my wife.

The fathers privately arranged for Maesha and her family to be at elder brother’s wedding. After the ceremony, Karam’s father asked him to join him at a guest’s table. There he saw her … Maesha was more radiant than ever.

“Karam, today is a day of great joy for our family. Your elder brother is now married. Today, you may seek a bride for yourself. You may make your proposal.”

Karam couldn’t take his eyes off Maesha … barely taking his eyes off her, he began. “Sir, may I wed your daughter? And, Maesha, will you have me to be your husband?”

With gladness Maesha’s father agreed.

Maesha, with tears glistening in her flawless eyes simply said, “Mein aapki patni banu.ngee” as she placed her hand in his.

Two weeks later the family enjoyed another celebration where two hearts became one, rejoicing in the plans of God being made perfect in the hearts of His people.

“Mujhe tumse dil se pyar hai” … “I love you with all my heart”
“Kya yeh galat hai?” … “Is it wrong?”
“Mein aapki patni banu.ngee” … “I will be your bride”