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Number Thirteen Is Stubborn!

Being a grandmother is special no matter how many you have.
Number Thirteen Is Stubborn!

Grandchild number thirteen is being stubborn. I spoke to my daughter today; she said she looks like the "great wall of China". I sense she's a tad uncomfortable! Ha!

I can remember when our youngest was born. Oh my! Those last few days were hard. My legs and feet were so swollen that I couldn't even wear sandals or flip-flops. I simply went barefoot anywhere I needed to go ... in March! I couldn't bend down to put socks on, so it was either barefoot or nothing!

Being a grandmother is special no matter how many you have. I've enjoyed this pregnancy without the morning sickness, hemorrhoids, backaches, emotional outbursts, "Braxton Hicks," swollen legs and feet, trips to the doctor's office to have my privacy invaded, and so forth. Those of you who are grandmothers know exactly what I'm talking about. It's such a treat to be blessed with a new baby without all the discomforts that come with the pregnancy!

But, instead, I have the privilege of waiting for a phone call, hopping in my car and driving (in this case) up to eight hours (if I obey the speed limit) praying the baby won't crown until I get there. After all, my daughter is tough (she'll tell you she's not) and she can handle the labor until Nana arrives. She thinks my plan is unreasonable, but I'm quite pleased with it. I've had plenty of practice; why should she think this birth would be any different from the others; Nana is ALWAYS there!

I imagine the telephone call:

"Mom, it's time. My water broke."

"Ok, honey, I'll get a couple loads of wash done, fix some casseroles for your daddy, pack some things and be ready to leave here in about three hours. Just relax, we're not in any hurry, you know!"

"Mom! Did you hear me? My water broke! I need you!"

"I know, sweetie, but we've got time. Just hold your legs together and don't bear down. I'll be there as soon as I can. Your daddy needs just a couple of things before I can leave."


"Oh, come on now, you've waited for nine months now, surely you can wait a few more hours for me to get there. Let's see...it's 8:30am. I can leave here by 11:00, and you're an hour ahead of me, so that makes it 10:00, only an hour and a half from now. That's not bad. I'll get on the road and be there as soon as I can. But, just remember that I've been there for your others, I insist on being there for this one, too. Don't rush things, do you hear me?"


See what I mean? These young girls these days ... always in a hurry. But hopefully I will have laid enough guilt on her that she'll heed my words. Besides, no daughter of mine ever had a quick, easy birth. I simply won't allow it after all they put ME through as they came into the world!

Uh-oh ... the phone is ringing! Oops ... another false alarm!