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My prayer is for our children, one by one, to take up the mantle of godliness and faith and lead their own families in the ways of God.
One By One
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Deeply Rooted in Faith

I married into a wonderful Christian family more than 50 years ago. It has been an honor to be recognized as part of this family whose testimony has been easily witnessed through their daily walk with Christ. I could list them one by one, sharing important highlights in their lives which have spoken to the faithfulness of God to those who've loved and served Him with fervency through the trials of life. Suffice it to say, the Christian roots in this family are deeply rooted in faith and service in the Kingdom of God.

My father-in-law was an amazing man of few words. When he spoke, however, everyone listened knowing he had woven a unique blend of wisdom and love in every word. Adults recognized it. Children instinctively knew it. Friends cherished it. Acquaintances couldn’t ignore it. He was an educated man who never stopped learning; when he wasn’t reading his Bible, he was engrossed in encyclopedias and atlases and historical books … his appetite for learning could not be satisfied. Yet, his worldview was always through the lens of Scripture, a rare treat for any who conversed with him.

Being raised in a Christian home while enduring hardships most of us could hardly imagine seemed to have enhanced his comprehension of God’s grace at a level far beyond the materialistic lives led by most contemporaries. He knew in Whom he believed and was persuaded … there was no question. It was through his life and testimony of steadfast faith that his family learned to walk in his footsteps. One by one, each of his three sons took up the mantle of godliness and faith to lead their own families in the ways of God. One by one, each son’s eyes became fixed on the One who gave His all so they could live free from the chains that once bound them to sin. One by one, each became a mirror image of their father in their own unique way.

As I look back over the past years and see the progression of faith and commitment to Kingdom service in the lives of my father-in-law’s three sons, I am reminded how important it is for parents to set a Godly example for their children. I often wonder what our own children will remember about their father, what our grandchildren will remember about their grandfather. Will our lives have born witness to the Truth of God’s Word and the abundance of His merciful love through Jesus Christ?

My most fervent prayer is that our children and our children’s children will follow in the footsteps of my father-in-law’s sons—their grandfather and great-grandfather … one by one taking up the mantle of godliness and faith to lead their own families in the ways of God. Surrendering all to Jesus and setting an unwavering standard in their families is the greatest gift our children can give us as parents as we grow older. It is the cry of my heart to see generations follow in the footsteps of their father, grandfather and great-grandfather, loving and serving God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength … loving and serving others with as much fervency as they care for themselves and their own.

Each one. Individually. Singly. Sincerely.

One by one … surrendering to the call of God, all with honor and humility for the glory of the Father and His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Note: While this was written about the Ross family, there is no mistaking the depth of Christian roots in the Bosch family who raised me as their own. Please be assured that without the importance of faith my family instilled in me, I could not have appreciated the blessing of marrying into the Ross family. I am forever grateful to my parents for making sure I had a solid foundation on which to build my life of faith in and service to the King!