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Walk the Path

enter His gates with thankful hearts come into His courts … splendiferous
Walk the Path
Photo by Alexander Ramsey / Unsplash

cloud by day and fire by night
the presence … conspicuous

men, women, children, animal herds
through the region … mountainous

enemies pursue rebellious hearts
evil opposition … perilous

repentant Israel restored, forgiven
God’s mercy … bounteous

chosen leaders, Moses and Aaron
covenant-bound … virtuous

numbered, arranged by family line
wilderness camp … multitudinous

north and west, east and south
tribes of Israel … contiguous

levites, priests, appointed ones
encamped … circulatorious

Israel’s journey, Messiah revealed
walk the path … beauteous


boundary set by linen of white
pillars and ropes … copious

fine linen, significant colors
to the onlooker … curious

color of blue, heavenly hue
royal purple … glorious

white like snow, clean and pure
red as blood … rosaceous

entrance through the gate, now bring
offering of praise … spontaneous

tabernacle gate, Messiah revealed
walk the path … mysterious


sacrificial lambs, goats, and quail
priests’ inspection … meticulous

sounds of innocence, forgiveness sought
animal cries … boisterous

coals of red, basins of blood
brazen altar … slaughterous

priestly garments, cleansing stream
brazen laver … aqueous

careful attention, precepts, laws
washing clean … ceremonious

look beyond what’s seen with eyes
salvation made known … obvious

outer court, Messiah revealed
walk the path … victorious


curtain of purple, red, white, and blue
pillars of gold … luminous

coverings of skins, ram, goat, and otter
embroidered cherubim … wondrous

candlestick of gold, flames flickering
fresh oil alit … luminous

table of showbread, twelve loaves displayed
baked, unleavened … plenteous

altar of incense, apothecary’s blend
fragrant spices … odorous

candlestick, showbread, fragrant altar
holy furniture … illustrious

the inner court, Messiah revealed
walk the path … splendorous


thick woven silk, curtain divide
cherubim of gold … luxurious

wood overlaid with hammered gold walls
enclosure of holiness … impervious

ark of the Lord, treasured within
tables of stone … notorious

rod that budded, gold pot of manna
covenant, miracles … momentous

staves of gold, mercy seat covering
holy presence … righteous

high priest enters with blood atoning
annual offering … vicarious

sacrifice accepted, people redeemed
most holy place … joyous

holy of holies, Messiah revealed
walk the path … most secretous


man’s need to find the meaning of life
quest for knowledge … ponderous

the tabernacle calls mankind to know
abundant love … most gracious

eternal purpose shown mankind
yet he remains … rebellious

unfulfilled, dissatisfied
self-exalted … murmurous

chasing after other gods
blinded eyes … oblivious

God gave the answer long ago
He made it quite … conspicuous

enter His gates with thankful hearts
come into His courts … splendiferous

the way foretold, Messiah revealed
walk the path … rapturous