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His secret voice is heard deep within my heart, yet is so profound that it demands a response
What a Privilege
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His Secret Voice

“At that time Jesus answered.” (Matt 11:25)

This devotional by Spurgeon is rich! Jesus was in constant communion with the Father which the author points out in his unique way:

“If you will look at the context you will not perceive that any person had asked him a question, or that he was in conversation with any human being. Yet it is written, ‘Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father.’"

There is no record of Jesus being in conversation with anyone. Yet, He was in constant fellowship with the Father. It appears to have been the habit and lifestyle of Jesus to commune with His Father.

Immediately upon reading this, I began to reflect on the many times I’ve found myself communing with my Father. And, although I don’t hear Him speak audibly, I will often answer Him audibly. His secret voice is heard deep within my heart, yet is so profound that it demands a response. It may appear to others around me that I’m talking to myself, but it is often very much a two-way coversation with my Father in which He speaks His Word, reminds me of His promises, helps me to reflect on His great truths, opens my understanding to mysteries and perplexities, and convinces me of His faithfulness and mercy.

Like any father, He longs to have fellowship with His children. Take the time to hear Him speak. Listen. Respond. Obey. Renew your love affair with Him during these seasons of intimate communion.

What a privilege!


Based on C. H. Spurgeons Morning and Evening: Daily Readings.