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Now when I see blossoms Each spring at first glance, I praise God for healing When daffodils dance!
Photo by Yoksel 🌿 Zok / Unsplash


There’s nothing more lovely
Than spring’s flow’ring blooms
They’re simple reminders
Life’s cycles resume

My life was so burdened
My body so frail
I heard death’s door calling
Toward heaven to sail

No cure could be found for
A cancer like mine
But hope ne’er escaped me
Nor trust did resign

I walked through my garden
As oft as I could
Admiring the beauty
From God who is good

The daffodils stood out
As beauty renewed
In gentle winds dancing
Spring’s fragrance exude

One day I was beckoned
And simply obeyed
I walked through the gardens
Where daffodils played

The voice of my Master
Was easy to hear
Such fragrant communion
I knew He was near

The winds swirled around me
They’re dancing, oh look!
Like shimmering diamonds
Was mist from the brook

Then suddenly caught in
A whirl filled with mist
The fragrant winds beckoned
I could not resist

Let go of me now or
I’ll lose all control!
Still higher they pulled me
To their golden hole

What’s this that has happened?
And where am I now?
As butterfly’s flutters
Wiped mist from my brow

No audible voice spoke
Yet I was aware
Of something transforming
My life in mid-air

I stood without moving
In fragrance’s trance
Together with angels
The daffodils danced

With regal rejoicing
They danced round and round
Angelic crescendo
In chorus resound

The heavens above me
The earth far below
Like clouds I was floating
My being aglow

Translucent beams healing
Each cell—every pore
As angels of mercy
Renewed and restored

New strength filled my body
I stood straight and tall
While daffodils’ trumpets
Announced to us all

“The healing’s complete now
There’s no more to do
Prepare her departure
And carry her through!”

The winds swirled around me
With glimmering light
Again in my garden
Where all was made right

* * *

Now when I see blossoms
Each spring at first glance
I praise God for healing
When daffodils dance