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According to the sacred Hebrew symbols Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, Yahweh not only means “I am”, but it also means “I BECOME”, or “I am the One who causes to BECOME”. Essentially, God’s name is a VERB!
Yahweh is a Verb
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I Am ... I Become ... I Cause to Become

I recently read a comment made by a Bible scholar stating very matter-of-factly that Yahweh, the Hebrew name of God, is a verb. It was as if the heavens suddenly opened up and I got a glimpse of the Most High God in a way I’d never really before seen Him. He is not just seated on the most glorious throne, high and lifted up with His training filling the temple (Isaiah 6), but He is  by nature and by definition of His revealed Name, active, being, moving, becoming, causing, influencing, working and more!

The dictionary definition:  “Verb: a member of a class of words that function as the main elements of predicates, typically express action, state, or a relation between two things…”

Political leaders, news headlines, social media, CDC statistics, medical professionals expertly and intentionally and proficiently use verbs in many forms to induce an emotional response from the hearers. Too often, those induced emotions lead to fear and dread with the purpose of goal of producing action (or inaction) in the minds and responses of the people. If we take the words of those whose voices speak the loudest in our lives, our future without this deadly virus is grim. What a sad testimony! But there’s an even more important verb we should take note of.

Of course, I think most of us who love God have understood this subconsciously, but to meditate on the fact that His name is actually an action word points to an aspect of God on a higher and much different level. His name, made up of the four Hebrew letters YHWH which are translated Yahweh (for the sake of pronunciation) reveal something about Him that might not be often understood or, if understood, taken for granted.

“Yahweh is made of up of the four Hebrew letters, “Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh.”  According to these sacred Hebrew symbols, Yahweh not only means “I am”, but it also means “I BECOME”, or “I am the One who causes to BECOME”. Essentially, God’s name is a VERB! Yahweh is an action verb, auxiliary verb, and helping verb. God will be to us, for us, in us, and through us whatever we need Him to be and we cry out asking Him to be.” 1

So, why did this strike me so profoundly? In a word, it is the pandemic called FEAR that is clouding the eyes of both believers and unbelievers alike. This should not be! Fear strikes at the very heart of man, a powerful tool in the hands of the enemy, to undermine the most powerful tool Yahweh puts in our hands:  FAITH!

Faith overcomes fear. Faith dispels fear. Faith puts fear in its place, robs it of its power in our lives. Faith empowers us to walk in peace, in the security of Yahweh’s provision, in confidence in Yahweh’s sovereignty.

The name of the Most High God — Yahweh — the only god whose name is alive and active and always moving on behalf of those who have put their faith and trust in Him. Our hope, our faith, our trust, our peace, our security must be anchored in the Name of the Most High God. When we trust in Him, here is no room for fear to cause us to tremble or doubt Yahweh’s ability to reign supreme. Fear cannot overcome faith in our God unless we allow it to.

The Name of God made manifest in the person of Jesus Christ must be allowed to reign in our hearts as Supreme. The shield of Faith will remind fear whose we are and by whose Name we stand firm against every fiery dart of the enemy.

The fear pandemic must be met head-on with faith in the active, being, moving, becoming, causing, influencing and working and name of Yahweh who Is, who Was and who Is To Come! We can stop this Pandemic of Fear through Faith in our all-powerful God … Yahweh, the Sovereign King over all Creation!!!

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