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Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Mom Trivia

"Of all the things my hands have held,
the best, by far, is you."
- Author Unknown

My love affair with ice cream began many years ago. My dad loved it almost as much as I did. So, for a frequent treat we would go to The Penguin, or Dairy Queen, or Baskin Robins, or other places where the icy treats would be cool us off after a hot day's work in the yard or garden. Of course, we really didn't need an excuse to go – we just went because we wanted to!

Growing up, my favorite flavor was mint chocolate chip. Not everyone had it, unfortunately! Another favorite was a Hot Caramel Sundae with whipped cream and chopped nuts. In fact, I still love it today! Another favorite was Pralines and Cream (especially from Baskin Robin).

Promise you won't laugh when I tell you this! When I was a kid, I could smell coffee and immediately have to poop! Just the scent of ground coffee worked as an immediate laxative. Sometime along the way, that changed and it no longer works like that!

I've tried coffee every way possible. I don't like it strong. I don't like it bitter. Starbucks, as much as people rave about it, is just out of the question for me although I love their Caramel Crunch Frappuccino (it's almost like ice cream)! I typically drink one large cup of coffee every morning. It's rare that I'll go back for more, but it's not unheard of. Milk and/or sugar has no place in my hot coffee! No flavors. No creamers. No sweeteners. No flavor enhancers. Nothing!

Some countries I've visited serve their coffee with cream or milk (buffalo milk???) of some sort – I pass it by without excuse. They do the same with tea and I feel the same way about it although I will often add a little sweetener. I love herbal teas; Constant Comment is my favorite and has been for several years.

What About Eggs?

I have had a love-hate relationship with eggs since I was pregnant with Andrew. That's right! Blame him!

Most mom's-to-be have cravings. I remember wanting Peanut Butter & Jelly with tomato soup frequently during my pregnancy but never looked at it as a craving. Maybe it was, now that I think about it! My problem, however, was eggs. One look at a raw egg and my tummy convulsed until it was emptied – it didn't matter where! It was so bad that I could simply think of a raw egg and I began gagging. And, to this day I literally have to fight to ignore the knot in my stomach when I see a raw egg. I don't like even looking at them when I crack one. And, don't put one on my plate with the white not totally cooked!

There are times I will enjoy a fried egg, especially when we have one of our famous "big breakfasts"! But, for the most part, I prefer to have scrambled so there's little chance of the rawness of an egg taunting me to empty my stomach contents!


My feet would prefer to be without shoes. Obviously, that's not always possible. My mother would always take us to Szabo's in Rocky River, across from Westgate shopping center. She was always careful to make sure I had the right size shoes and ones that were sturdily built to support my feet. As an adult, I wear a size 7 to 7-1/2 depending on the style ... I can wear a size 8 if my feet are swollen.

I love pretty shoes, fun shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. My days of wearing heels is over which makes me sad. I fell one time while working at Matsushita, broke the heel of my shoe that left me with a very sore and messed up ankle. It wasn't broken but it sure felt like it was! I had to go out into the factory area and slipped on the concrete floor in front of everyone. Some of the engineers helped me to the nurse's station, but she acted like it was no big deal. She didn't feel what I felt!! Anyway, although I wore heels after that, I was always a little nervous about it.

The book asked, "What superpower would you choose?" My dream was always to be "SuperMom" ... I suppose there's still time to develop my SuperMom powers but not sure I have the strength anymore.

If I had a superpower, it would be be healed and my body renewed so I could continue to live life to the fullest! The hardest thing for me has been taking a back seat while life goes on for everyone else. I miss serving God and serving others, here and in India. I pray my children will never get to this point with their health – it's the hardest season I've ever gone through.

My biggest fear is that my life will be over and I've not been able to fulfill my purpose, that God would be cheated of some of the glory due His name because I was too weak or I hurt too much. My fears are real though hard to put into words.

Daisies. Sunflowers. Black-Eyed Susans. Daffodils. Yellow Roses. One of the countless things I love about my family is that I often receive a gift of flowers ... while I'm able to enjoy them!

When I was a child, my Dad would always buy Mom and I a beautiful corsauge to wear with our dress-up clothes to church on special holidays. He loved ordering flowers and giving them to us both – it was one of those very special family traditions that I truly loved!

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