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Below are links to Jan's articles posted on FaithWriters, the home for Christian writers. Some are fiction. Others are devotions. Some are true testimonies. Carefully crafted poetry is sprinkled throughout the list, some better than others. There are a few personal favorites noted by a 💖.

Articles marked with ✨ were submitted to FaithWriter's weekly writing competition. Other articles were either submitted for critique or posted as just regular articles. Jan is blessed and honored to include articles that received special commendations 🏆 from judges in the writing competitions.

Note: Jan retains the rights to all the articles presented on the FaithWriters page. If you wish to copy or share any of them, please ask permission. Thank you.

A Baby Story 💖

A Blessing

A Bun Dance

A Generous Man

A Tree Transformed 💖

A Word Fitly Spoken

Abigail VonSchleshinger 🏆

Abraham's Provider

Amazing Corn - How Sweeet the Taste

Anand and the White-Skinned Intruders

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Ascending to the Sacred Desk 🏆 💖

Baba Yetu Uliye Mginguni 🏆 💖

Basic Science Lesson

Bound By His Love

Boy! Have I Got News For You!

Bwana Asifiwe

Called to This

Cecilia's Baked Surprise

Cellphones and Grandfathers

Chocolate Donuts

Christmas Shopping Nightmare

Country Cousins

Did Someone Say "Fresh Start"?

Empty Heads Walking 💖

Enduring Faith

Exercising Faith

Fists Full of Wild Daisies 💖

From Death to Life 🏆

Grandpa Prayed 💖

Grandpa's Prize 💖

Harvest Time

He Didn't Pass Me By 💖

He's Amazing

Hezekiah's Blooms 🏆 💖

His Time for His Glory

How Deep Is Your Well 🏆 💖

How Does Your Garden Grow

How'd Him Get In There Anyway? 💖

Hussopos' Mission 💖

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Illegal to Eat Eagles 💖

What's The Point?

It Was GOOD News

Kids Will Say the Darndest Things 🏆 💖

Licking Valley Courier

Listen Closely 🏆 💖

Mujhe Tumse Dil Se yar Hai

My Daughter the Daisy 💖

Nehemiah Was a Bullfrog 💖

No Matter Who - No Matter Where 🏆

No More Tearful Timidity

No One to Mourn 💖

Number Thirteen Is Stubborn

Oh, What Fury

Our Great God

Palatial Discord 💖

Peace In His Forgiveness

pH Balanced

Precious Memories Preserved

Processing Stewed Tomatoes

Transformation and Metamorphosis


Seek With Intensity

Sightless But Not Blind

Silver Watch on a Chain 💖

Sore Consequences - No Pun Intended

Soul Survey

Sugar Coated "Love Ya!" 🏆 💖

Thanks, But No Thanks 🏆 💖

That Tell-Tale Birthmark

That Wonderful Name

The Best Teachers Teach By Example

The Bible Tells Me So 💖

The Bridegroom Is Coming

The Miracle

The People's Choice 💖

The Praise of His Glory

There Was No Trouble

There's a Work To Be Done

Thoughts On the Vine

Tobias Henderson 💖

Trees 💖

Two Divine Syllables

Two Pink Lines

Valley of Vision

Walk the Path

Watching Suffering Eyes 💖

When Daffodils Dance

Who Am I?